All India Cotton Arrival 09-January-2023

By: Navneet Saini

-North India 15000
-MP 11000
-Gujrat 38000
-Maharashtra 37000
-Karnataka 10000
-Andhra Pradesh 7000
-Telangana 16000
-Tamil Nadu 1000
-Orrisa 2000
Total Arrivals :139000+-3%.

Arrivals steady to stable, today raw cotton price stable to up, farmers still reluctant to sell, now waiting for MCX to start, arrivals still slow as compared to previous seasons, good improvements is expected in Gujrat as arrivals improving slowly, arrivals stable in South India most of APMC’s active.
-Arrivals all over stable today.. picking is in full pace. Today narma price stable to down, physical market in North India approx. 7600 to 8350.. in physical market.
Same trend in Gujrat and Maharashtra, raw cotton prices 7200 to 8200 today.
-All Gujrat APMC’s opens, now arrivals in APMC is 11 to13 thousand rest directly coming to ginning but arrivals still low despite good crop, now many factories not interested due to disparity…Farmers still hoping for price rise.
Arrivals from outer states are start improving at present that’s why little increase in arrivals Gujrat at present.

  • MP arrivals are stable to today, prices down, farmer selling still slowly.
    -Maharashtra Arrivals picking up, now farmer little active to sell after price decline. Local farmers inquiring to sell.. arrivals in Marathwada and Vidarbha region started picking up, today little down
    -Today Cotton prices stable to up, slow activities in evening, buyer is little active in market, physical buying from big mills little active, little physical buying by local mills.. lower levels buyer active, today current prices market is upside Today cotton price in North India are 6250 to 6550 per maund
    .Central India cotton bargains are at 60000 to 62600 in evening
  • CCI started commercial purchase from open market in Maharashtra, Telangana and Orrisa today kapas price 7400 to 7600 soon few more center may start.
  • Cotton seed stable to Little weak today due to khal sale slow, now market in wash is also plus, many stations up in physical, today buyer is less active and seller is active in good centers, prices increase on some stations other stations almost flat due to dull demand, but still buyer is not interested at all in forward but ready for ready load.
  • Khal buyer weak today, after market slide from higher levels due NCDEX movement and arrivals declined, today limited buying is observed no bulk buying is observed due to high rates, today weak business in seed and cake till now, Today khal some center stable to down 20 to 30,center to center may vary all over from yesterday
    -South Cotton seed bargains speedily up for north as arrivals improve in Telangana, this year quality is superior after long, Today very good business from South side prices also increase buyer and seller both interested. Price range 2900 to 3450 south spot. Now seed seller is much active but demand is very slow at current prices.
    -Oil market is in minus today, after profit bookings in past week.
  • Wash prices 1050 to 1080 per 10 kg as per area.. due to weak wash price huge disparity to Oil Millers, if same thing continues than it will be very hard to manage.
    -Further arrivals will improve in coming days, after all APMC’s open, rest depends on weather and prices..
  • Weather is clear in North India and central India…temp seems rising, if more high temp than may some loss to standing crop…

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