Denim Garment Faults and their Descriptions

Here are some common denim garment faults along with their descriptions: 

  1. Broken Stitch: A broken stitch is when the thread that holds the fabric together is not continuous and has a visible gap or break. 
  1. Frayed Hem: A frayed hem is when the bottom of the garment starts to unravel and become tattered. 
  1. Uneven Fading: Uneven fading occurs when the indigo dye fades unevenly across the garment, creating a patchy or splotchy appearance. 
  1. Color Bleeding: Color bleeding occurs when the dye from the denim fabric bleeds onto other parts of the garment, causing discoloration. 
  1. Loose Threads: Loose threads are when the ends of the thread are not properly secured and start to unravel or fray. 
  1. Ripped or Torn: Ripped or torn denim occurs when the fabric tears due to stress or wear and tear, creating holes in the garment. 
  1. Shrinkage: Denim garments can shrink in the wash, causing them to become smaller and tighter. 
  1. Wrinkles: Wrinkles can occur when the denim fabric is not properly treated or finished, or when the garment is not properly ironed or folded. 
  1. Uneven Seams: Uneven seams occur when the seams that hold the garment together are not straight or evenly spaced. 
  1. Pilling: Pilling is when small balls of fabric start to form on the surface of the garment, creating a rough and uneven texture. 
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