Difference between Viscose, Modal and Lyocell Fiber 

Viscose, Modal and Lyocell fibers are made from tree or plant fibers after cellulosic process. Mainly soyabean, bamboo or even cotton plants are used to make this fiber. Some other plants are also used to produce Viscose, Modal and Lyocell. These fibers are also called Cellulose fibers. 

Now question arises what is the difference between Viscose and Modal or what is the difference between Viscose and Lyocell or What is the difference between Modal and Lyocell. 
Its answer is quite simple. which we can describe to you with the example of a laptop. Like we go to the shop and ask the shopkeeper about its specification. The shopkeeper told us that this laptop is 1st generation, another one with better performance is 2nd generation and this one is its 3rd generation and best of all. 
Same is the case with Viscose, Modal and Lyocell. 
Difference between Viscose fiber, Modal fiber and Lyocell fiber 

  1. Viscose is the first generation out of these three. 
  1. Modal is the 2nd generation with better quality and strength. 
  1. Lyocell is the 3rd and best among these three. 

Hope you have now a better understanding about the difference between Viscose, Modal and Lyocell. 

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