How to find Textiles Buyers and Sellers.

How to find yarn buyers

Textiles Bar is one of the best place to find important textile information. It is also a market place to sell you textile goods. It is a complete solution and answer to the following questions and demands of textile professional.

  • How to find Yarn Buyers.
  • How to find Yarn Sellers.
  • How to find Fabric Buyers.
  • How to find Fabric Sellers.
  • How to find Cotton Buyers.
  • How to find Cotton Sellers.
  • How to find Garments buyers and Sellers.
  • How to find Towel Buyers and Sellers.
  • How to find Bed Sheets Buyers and sellers.
  • How to find Textile Machinery Buyers and Sellers.
  • How to find Textile Dyes and Chemicals Buyers and Sellers.

How to Use Textiles Bar to Sell my Products.

Its a very simple, Easy and quick way to post your products. All these services are 100% free. No monthly or annual charges for these services.

  • Go to USER PAGE and fill the required credentials to proceed.
  • It is highly recommended to upload the pictures of your product for better attention.
  • Your product will be posted and a password will be sent to your given email id.
  • You can change your password any time.
  • Remember your Email id and password as your user email and password will help to edit or remove your posts at any time going through the page MANAGE.


As its a specific place for textile goods only so your products will reach to your target buyers quicker than any other platform. The other most important thing is that there will be no middle man between seller and buyer. Buyers of your product will contact you directly via contact details you have provided. If you are a buyer then this is the best place for you to post your requirement and sellers with these products can contact you directly. Please take special care to select the category related to your product.

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