India Yarn Prices 24-October-2022

Indian Yarn Price update. Just for your costing and information purpose.
Prices are based on Major Asian ports.

100% Cotton Carded Knitting
Ne 20/1@USD3.07/kg
Ne 26/1@USD3.15/kg
Ne 30/1@USD3.20/kg
Ne 32/1@USD3.25/kg

100% Cotton Combed Knitting
Ne 20/1@USD3.20/kg
Ne 24/1@USD3.24/kg
Ne 26/1@USD3.26/kg
Ne 30/1@USD3.30/kg
Ne 32/1@USD3.35/kg
Ne 34/1@USD3.43/kg
Ne 40/1@USD3.60/kg

100% Cotton Combed Compact Knitting
Ne 20/1@USD3.25/kg
Ne 24/1@USD3.29/kg
Ne 26/1@USD3.31/kg
Ne 30/1@USD3.35/kg
Ne 32/1@USD3.40/kg
Ne 34/1@USD3.48/kg
Ne 40/1@USD3.65/kg

100% Cotton Carded knitting TFO
Ne 20/2@USD3.25/kg
Ne 32/2@USD3.50/kg

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