International Cotton Position 08-October-2020

Another session of surprises in the cotton market ended with minor negative sentiment, but overall still market is under the cover of unforeseen and volatile futures. The Textile sector from raw material to finished product is in a fix and unable to predict any thing about future. It appears that uncertainty will be ruling the market in days to come.

USA Weekly sales Report

Net – Upland – Sales – 2020-21
Net sales of 178,400 Bales for 2020~2021 were down 24% from the previous week and 27% from the previous 4 weeks Avg.

Vietnam 125,500 Regular Bales
China 26,700 Regular Bales
Pakistan 21,500 Regular Bales
Costa Rica 6,200 Regular Bales
Mexico 5,200 Regular Bales

Bangladesh 14,000 Regular Bales
Japan 3,900 Regular Bales
Hong Kong 1,300 Regular Bales

Net Upland Sales 2021-22
For 2021/2022, net sales of 15,000 RB were for
Bangladesh 13,200 Bales
Costa Rica 1,800 Bales

Upland Shipment
Exports of 142,300 RB were down 35% from the last week and 38% from the previous 4 weeks Avg.
China 53,500 Bales
Vietnam 16,900 Bales
Mexico 16,800 Bales
Turkey 11,200 Bales
Bangladesh 9,200 Bales

Net Pima Sales 2020-21
Net sales of Pima totaling 21,700 RB were up 11 percent from the previous week and 4 percent from the prior 4-week average.

Increase reported for the following countries:
India: 11,300 Bales
Pakistan: 3,800 Bales
Bangladesh: 3,000 Bales
Vietnam: 2,200 Bales

Reduction for the below countries:
Turkey: 400 Bales
Switzerland: 300 Bales

Pima Shipment
Exports of 15,800 Bales were up 46% from the previous week and 24% from the previous 4 weeks Avg. The primary destinations were
India 5,100 Bales
Vietnam 3,100 Bales
Pakistan 1,800 Bales
Turkey 1,600 Bales
Peru 1,500 Bales

Pakistan Cotton Sales Report

RahimYarKhan 600bls9500/9700
Haroonabad 1400bls9650/9700
FortAbbas 1200bls9600/9700
FaqirWali 800bls9600/9700
HasilPur 100bls9550
Tonsa-Sharif 200bls9450
SlahPat 400bls9300