Polyester Staple Fiber PSF Parameters.

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber made from a type of polymer called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Some of the important parameters of polyester fiber include:

  1. Denier: This refers to the thickness or diameter of the individual fibers. Polyester fiber deniers range from 1 to 15 denier.
  2. Tenacity: This is the strength of the fiber, measured in grams per denier (gpd). Polyester fiber has a tenacity ranging from 3.5 to 7.0 gpd.
  3. Elongation: This is the amount of stretch the fiber can withstand before it breaks. Polyester fiber has an elongation of 15% to 45%.
  4. Moisture regain: This is the amount of moisture that the fiber can absorb. Polyester fiber has a very low moisture regain of only 0.4%.
  5. Melting point: This is the temperature at which the fiber starts to melt. Polyester fiber has a melting point of approximately 250°C (482°F).
  6. Specific gravity: This is the density of the fiber compared to the density of water. Polyester fiber has a specific gravity of 1.38, which means it is denser than water.
  7. Colorfastness: This is the ability of the fiber to retain its color when exposed to light, heat, or other environmental factors. Polyester fiber is generally known for its excellent colorfastness.

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