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What is Aramid Fiber, Yarn and Fabric

Complete description of Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber is a synthetic polymer material developed and produced by DuPont. It has gained popularity in this area due to its properties and versatility – it can be used for everything from body armor to technical products that need high levels of strength, flexibility, or performance, such as sports gear and accessories

Aramid fiber is a lightweight fiber, that is almost completely made of carbon and has the specific ability to absorb very high levels of heat. It works by absorbing high levels of the sun’s heat, which can cause it to become up to 8 times thicker than steel! Aramid is strong; it can support a payload equivalent to up to 10 concrete slabs, withstanding very heavy loads from earthquakes and hurricanes.

Aramid fibers are the strongest biological fibers on the planet. They are strong and light, with high modulus, resulting in a high strength to weight ratio for the most demanding applications. They can be used as reinforcement in composite laminates, as ballistic materials in bulletproof vests, are used to make parachutes and other fabrics such as thermal protective clothing.

Aramid is a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen gases used in the manufacture of high-performance membranes. The fibers are made from a variety of ingredients such as starch or cellulose, cellulose ester or phosphor, it is melt spun with an inner core of heat resistive material into a special high-temperature resistant fiber rope. The fibers have excellent abrasion resistance, thermal insulation properties, moisture resistance and chemical resistance.

End use of Aramid Fabrics

This material is used as end user in a huge array of applications; it is used as a filling material, insulation, reinforcement and separator.

Aramid fabric, used in the making of bulletproof vests and other defense-related items. Aramid is a lightweight and strong synthetic fiber that can be spun into paper-thin, almost transparent fabrics.

Aramid fabrics are used in areas where high performance, low weight and abrasion resistance are required. They can be used as a part of landing gear or rotor blades, or they can be used as part of protective clothing. Because of their excellent mechanical properties and light weight, they are best suited for use during space travel where circumstances demand they not only be lightweight but also require strength.

Aramid (Kevlar) is used to make aircraft, armoured vehicles and boats and marine applications. Other uses include clothing, housing, tents, flooring and large appliances. Aramid fabric may also be used in fire resistance system between buildings or concrete structures.

Author: Afzaal Khadim Khan
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What is Nomex Fiber and Yarn. Complete Description.

Complete description of Nomex Fiber, Nomex Yarn and Nomex Fabric and its end use.

Nomex is known as one of the most versatile fibers in the world. Its long list of uses includes everything from personal protective equipment to fire-retardant insulation, to food packaging—and it even has medical benefits.

Nomex fiber is composed of the same material as fire protection suits used by firefighters. It’s incredibly tough, but also highly flame-resistant and resists decay when exposed to oxygen. It’s often used for making high-end garments like racing suits and motorcycle racing gear, as well as upholstery and other textile products.

Nomex fiber is a synthetic fiber made from coal tar, one of the byproducts of coal-fired power plants. Nomex fabric is a combination of Nomex fiber and flax or cotton thread that can be used for various textile applications from protective clothing to sailcloth.

Nomex fiber, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a type of fluorine-containing polymer. It is a single-layer resin that can be used for several different applications including cooking utensils, food wrap, and even in the construction industry. Nomex yarn is made from nomex fibers and can be used by medical technicians who are involved with invasive procedures on their patients.

End Uses of Nomex Fabric

Nomex Fabric is with excellent tear and abrasion resistance, Nomex offers advanced fire protection for industrial environments.
Nomex fabric is used in high-performance environments, such as avionics, electronics and power systems. Its excellent properties make it ideal for electricity generation and transmission.
Nomex is one of the most commonly used fire-prevention materials. It is often used in construction sites to prevent oil fires, as in diesel engine exhaust fumes. Nomex is also used in aircraft and often as a fire retardant in garments such as flight suits and hoses.

Following are the industries commonly using Nomex Fabric.

  1. Textile coating, fiber and heat resistant.
  2. Electric arc welding fabric (electrostatic arc erosion).
  3. Used for electric arc welding on carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloys and other metals.
  4. General purpose fabric suitable for general purpose applications.
  5. Used for high temperature oil refineries and petroleum refinery plants.
  6. Possibly used in hydrogen chloride production process.
  7. Used in natural gas liquefaction equipment.
  8. Used as a container filler prior to sealing with Nomex

Author: Afzaal Khadim Khan
Owner: Textiles Bar
Lahore Pakistan