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US Weekly Export Sales Report

For Weekending 10-Nov-2022

Net Upland Sales 2022-23
Net sales of 25,100 RB for 2022/2023 were primarily for

Taiwan 5,800 RB
China 5,700 RB
Turkey 4,800 RB
Bangladesh 4,100 RB1,300 RB

Net Upland Sales 2023-24
Total net sales of 8,100 RB for 2023/2024 were reported for Mexico.

Net Upland Shipment
Exports of 183,000 RB were primarily to

China 88,800 RB
Pakistan 27,300 RB
Mexico 24,400 RB
Turkey 10,300 RB
Bangladesh 7,200 RB

Net Pima Sales 2022-23
Total net sales of Pima totaling 300 RB were for Slovenia.

Net Pima Shipment
Exports of 800 RB were primarily to
Vietnam 400 RB
China 200 RB
Japan 100 RB

Commodities Index Closing 10-November-2022

Dec 86.38- 0.12
Mar 84.56- 0.17
May 83.97 +0.18
Jul 83.34 +0.39
Oct 78.33 +0.14
Dec 78.40 +0.25

Dec 76.09+ 0.55
Jan 73.63+ 0.45
Mar 71.36+ 0.15

Jan 1423-00 -29.00
Mar 1428-00 -31.00

Dec 404.10 -13.50
Jan 400.40 -11.90

Jan 883.20 -8.30
Mar 878.00 -10.50

Dec 86.62 + 0.79

Jan 93.76 + 1.11

Dec 1754.50 + 40.80

Dec 21.725 + 0.398

Jan 1056.60 + 59.30

Dollar INDEX
Dec 108.255 -2.205

Pakistan Cotton Arrival Report 03-November-2022

Cotton Field raw cotton cotton ginning (4)

Data of Pak as on: 01.11.2022.
Total Arrival: 3,707,693
Exporters Buying: 4,900
Textile Mills Buying3,036,129
Total Stock: 666,664
(Press: 480,763+Phutti: 185,901)
Last Year Stock: 736,721
This Year Monthly Flow: 788,718
Last Year Monthly Flow: 2,410,556
Last Year Total Arrival: 6,257,019
Factories in Operation: 609

Cotton Bale Weight in Different countries

The most important and noteworthy parameters of cotton bale are as follows
Cotton bale Dimension
Cotton Bale Density
Cotton Bale Weight

The following are the standard bale weights in different countries. Also please note that mostly people follow the USDA WASDE report for cotton quantity counting globally and these calculations are always based on 480 lbs basis. As bale weight in different origins vary therefore dimensions and density of bale also vary.

  • Cotton Bale weight USA 220 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Australia 227 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Brazil 220 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight India 170 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Pakistan 160 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight West Africa 180 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Uganda 180 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Tanzania 180 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Sudan 190 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Nigeria 185 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight South Africa 200 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Mexico 230 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Egypt 240~270 Kgs

Author: Afzaal Khadim Khan
Owner: Textiles Bar
Lahore Pakistan

What is Organic Cotton NOP and NPOP Certificate

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, or other synthetic chemicals.

NOP Organic Cotton Description.

(NOP) is an abbreviation of National Organic Program. Organic cotton that has been certified to be grown without the use of any prohibited substances. It is a federal regulatory program for enforcing consistent national standards for organic products related to agricultural items sold in the United States. USDA and certifying authorities work to make sure that all procedures are followed properly to retain the confidence of end users through the integrity working and organic seal of USDA.

NPOP Organic Cotton Description

(NPOP) is an abbreviation of National Program for Organic Production. Organic cotton that has been certified to be grown without the use of prohibited substances and has also been certified to have been produced in compliance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program regulations. It is managed by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). APEDA is helping the organic product sellers to promote their products under several schemes.

Author: Afzaal Khadim Khan
Owner: Textiles Bar
Lahore Pakistan