What is Organic Cotton IC2 and IC3

Introduction of Organic System

Organic cotton production is an agriculture system in which cotton is sown, grown and harvested without using synthetic toxic, pesticides, fertilizers and any genetic modification in seeds. This system is adopted to secure the natural fertility of land. Organic products also help the end users to retain good health.

Several certification bodies are available in the world who help to regulate the organic production system and issue certificates ensuring that this product has been produced with strict adoption of defined procedures.

There are two major authorities OCS (Organic Content Standards) and (GOTS) Global Organic Textile Standards which monitor the organic cotton products from in conversion fiber to final or ready to use product.

These authorities also ensure that all the transactions are made in accordance with proper system. These transactions are certified with (TC) “TRANSACTION CERTIFICATE’ and (SC) “SCOPE CERTIFICATE”

What is IC2 and IC3 Organic Cotton

IC2 and IC3 is a transitional period converting cotton to organic. IC stands for “In Conversion” IC2 mean In Conversion two years and IC3 mean In Conversion 3 years. This transitional period varies in different origins like in Europe transitional period is 24 months while in United States and India the transitional period is 36 months.

People and companies are encouraged to use in conversion cotton and pay incentives to motivate the farmers and accommodate them to promote and enhance the organic cotton production. Because farmers have to bear several extra charges to grow organic cotton like production cost, certifications and trainings to follow the complete set of procedure.