US Cotton Export Sales Report Weekending 06-Oct-2022

For Weekending 06-Oct-2022

Net Upland Sales 2022-23
Net sales of 144,800 RB for 2022/2023 were primarily for

Pakistan 55,300 RB
Bangladesh 31,700 RB
China 14,400 RB
Vietnam 13,700 RB
Turkey 6,400 RB

Net Upland Sales 2023-24
Total net sales of 34,800 RB for 2023/2024 were reported for
Mexico 21,000 RB
Pakistan 6,600 RB
Guatemala 6,300 RB
Turkey 900 RB

Net Upland Shipment
Exports of 168,100 RB were primarily to
China 39,700 RB
Vietnam 26,700 RB
Pakistan 25,500 RB
Mexico 20,300 RB
Bangladesh 19,000 RB

Net Pima Sales 2022-23
Net sales reductions of Pima totaling 2,000 RB resulted in increases for Italy 1,000 RB

India 3,000 RB

Net Pima Shipment
Exports of 800 RB were to
China 700 RB
Italy 100 RB

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