Bullish sentiment prevailed in the cotton market at global front. Volatile situation was observed nearly in all the cotton markets.
New York Cotton Futures rose higher through out the week except one day session. This factor also pushed the prices higher in other cotton markets and most of the sellers were firm in their asking and demanded prices at higher level. Many cotton suppliers also hold their prices and adopted the wait and watch policy.

Liver pool A-Index is also firm and moving above the level of 90.
China Cotton Market also rose higher at the start of the week and reflected firm and upward intentions. After the middle of the week China market Closed due to New Year Holidays. It is expected that after the Holidays it will also follow the international sentiment and may increase higher.

Indian cotton prices also moved up and increase of around 2 to 3 cents per Lbs was observed.

Prices of Pakistan cotton also remained firm and the ginners having good quality cotton were not willing to make any fresh deals due to shortage of good quality fiber and interested in earning maximum profits out of their stocks.

Cotton Prices from CIS and west Africa origin were also firm and higher. Overall upward trend in cotton was visible all the week.