Yarn Prices Pakistan 20-Oct-2022

10s carded @ +/- 3000+gst
12s carded @ +/- 3050 +gst
16s carded @ 3150/3200+gst
20s carded @ 3300/3350+gst
20s combed at 3600/3650+gst
24s carded @ 3400/3450+gst
24s combed @ 3700/3750+gst
26s combed @ 3800/3825+gst
30s carded @ 3500/3550+gst
30s combed @ 3900/3950+gst
36s combed @ 4050/4100+gst
40s combed @ 4150/4200+gst.

100% Imported cotton CF (Contamination Free) Yarn
20s cf carded @ 3500+gst
30s cf carded @ 3800+gst

👉 100% Organic Cotton could be offered on demand

Ecru PC/CVC ring spun yarns
20s pc CMB 65/35 at 2620/2650+gst
26s pc CMB 65/35 at 2760/2800+gst
30s pc CMB 65/35 at 2890/2950+gst

10s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2400/2450+gst
Combed at 2550/2580+gst

12s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2480/2590+gst
Combed at 2580/2620+gst

16s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2520/2580+gst
Combed at 2680/2700+gst

20s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2550/2600+gst
With CF cotton at 2600/2650+gst
Pak Combed at 2760/2780+gst.

24s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2650/2700+gst
With CF cotton at 2680/2700+gst
Pak Combed at 2930/2970+gst.

30s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2700/2750+gst
With CF cotton at 2720/2750+gst
Pak Combed at 3110/3150+gst

36s PC 52/48
Carded at 3250/3300+gst
With CF cotton at 3350/3400+gst
Pak Combed at 3310/3350+gst.

40s PC 52/48
Carded at 3350/3400
With CF cotton at 3450/3500+gst
Pak Combed at 3410/3450+gst.

10s CVC 75/25 @ 2600/2650+gst
12s CVC 75/25 @ 2700/2750+gst
16s CVC 75/25 @ 2750/2800+gst
20s CVC 75/25 @ 2900/2950+gst
30s CVC 75/25 @ 3200/3300+gst

10s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2600/2650+gst.
12s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2700/2750+gst
16s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2800/2850+gst
20s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2850/2900+gst
24s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2950/3000+gst
30s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 3050/3150+gst.

20s cvc 60/ 40
carded at 2700/2800+gst
Combed at 3000/3050+gst.

24s cvc 60/40
Carded at 2850/2900+gst
Combed at 3200+gst.

30s cvc 60/ 40 carded pak at 3000/3100+gst.
With CF cotton at 3050+3100+gst.
Combed at 3300+gst.

40s cvc 60/ 40
Combed at 3640/3670+gst.

20s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester”
Carded at 2900/3000+gst.
Combed at 3300/3350+gst.
24s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester”
Carded at 3100/3150+gst
Combed at 3450/3500+gst

30s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester”
Carded at 3300/3350+gst
Combed at 3600/3700+gst.
40s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester” at 3950/4050+gst

O.E/Auto Coro yarns
10s pc 52/48 O.E at 1900/1950+gst
10s cvc 60/40 O.E at 2050/2100+gst
10s pc 52/48 O.E GRS at 2050/2100+gst
10s cvc 60/40 O.E GRS at 2150/2200+gst

12s pc 52/48 O.E at 2100/2150+gst
12s cvc 60/40 O.E at 2250/2300+gst
12s pc 52/48 O.E GRS at 2150/2200+gst
12s cvc 60/40 O.E GRS at 2350/2400+gst

Grey Htr Melange Ring Spun Yarns
20s H12
CVC 90/10 at 3450+gst
CVC 60/40 at 2950+gst

30s H12
CVC 90/10 at 3850+gst
CVC 60/40 at 3100+gst

20s H0 Oatmeal Htr.
CVC 90/10 at 3450+gst.
CVC 60/40 at 2950+gst.

30s H0 Oatmeal Htr.
CVC 90/10 at 3850+gst
CVC 60/40 at 3100+gst

👉 New Addition:-. Ecru Chain/Siro/Marled PC 50:50 Ring Spun yarn
20s pc cdd 50:50 at 3350+gst
20s pc cmb 50:50 at 3850+gst

24s pc cdd 50:50 at 3450+gst
24s pc cmb 50:50 at 4000+gst

30s pc cdd 50:50 at 3550+gst
30s pc cmb 50:50 at 4200+gst

Polyester /Viscose Blend yarns
Ecru PV 80/20 yarn
20s PV at 2020/2050+gst
24s PV at 2100/2120+gst
30s PV at 2250/2280+gst
36s PV at 2430/2450+gst

Ecru PV 65/35 yarn
20s PV at 2150+gst
24s PV at 2250+gst
30s PV at 2400+gst
36s PV at 2520+gst
40s PV at 2620+gst

100% Viscose Yarn
20s viscose for knitting at 2800+gst
24s viscose for knitting at 2900+gst
30s viscose for knitting at 3000+gst
36s viscose for knitting at 3200+gst
40s viscose for knitting at 3300+gst.

(Tri-Blend and 100% Bamboo yarns).
16s Tri-blend (50 poly:25ctn:25viscose) at 3550+gst

/20s Tri-blend (50:25:25) at 3850+gst

30s Tri-blend (50:25:25) at 4100+gst

16s 100% Bamboo at 3250+gst
20s 100% Bamboo at 3400+gst
30s 100% Bamboo at 3550+gst

20s Cotton/Modal 50:50 at 4400+gst

30s Cotton/Modal 50:50 at 4750+gst

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