Cotton Made in Africa (CmiA) is a sustainability initiative aimed at improving the living conditions of African smallholder cotton farmers while promoting environmentally friendly cultivation practices. CmiA focuses on several key aspects:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture: CmiA promotes sustainable farming practices that reduce the use of pesticides. It encourages soil fertility, and ensure efficient water use.
  2. Economic Development: By providing training in agricultural and business practices, CmiA helps farmers increase their yields and improve their livelihoods.
  3. Social Impact: The initiative emphasizes better working conditions, child labor prevention, and gender equality.

Key Terms in CmiA Cotton

  1. HIP (Hard Identity Preserved):
  • HIP refers to the system where CmiA cotton is kept physically separate from other cotton types throughout the entire supply chain. This ensures that products labeled as containing CmiA cotton are fully traceable and consist entirely of CmiA-verified cotton.
  1. MB (Mass Balance):
  • The Mass Balance system allows for CmiA cotton to be mixed with other types of cotton during processing. The key is maintaining a balance between the amount of CmiA cotton purchased and the amount sold as CmiA. This system helps increase the use of sustainably grown cotton by making it easier and more cost-effective for brands to participate in the initiative.
  1. CmiA Organic:
  • This standard applies to cotton grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It ensures that organic farming practices are followed, providing an even higher level of environmental sustainability.

Additional Terms

  • SCOT (Sustainable Cotton Tracker): A tracking system used to monitor the quantities of CmiA cotton through the supply chain, ensuring transparency and proper balance between purchases and sales of CmiA cotton.
  • Verification and Auditing: Independent third-party verification and regular self-assessments ensure compliance with CmiA standards and identify areas for improvement.

These systems and terms ensure that CmiA cotton maintains high standards of sustainability, social responsibility, and economic benefit for African farmers.

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