Cotton Futures and Fiber Price Update

Daily price updates of ICE Cotton Futures, Cotlook Index-A, China Cotton, Brazil Cotton, Indian Cotton, PSF, Viscose, Tencel, Acrylic, Bamboo Fiber, Linen/Flax Fiber and Hemp Fiber.

Current Yarn Prices

Below yarn prices are based on CnF Main Asian Ports with L/C Sight.

Prices may Vary from one port to another.

Raw Materials

We are dealing all sorts of raw materials for textiles like Raw Cotton, Cotton waste ie comber noil, flats, lickrin, hard waste, bleach cotton, regenerated fibers with GRS certification, 

Synthetic and man made fibers like polyester (PSF), Viscose, Tencel, Acrylic, Bamboo, Linen/Flax and Hemp.

Cotton Yarn PC Yarn dty yarn melange yarn dyed yarn 2


Textiles Bar has expanded its supply chain network to the leading textile manufacturing countries. We are well connected with leading yarn suppliers from India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

These suppliers have been evaluated through our long term experience and now quite happy with our yarn supply resources but at the same time we are regularly engaged in adding new suppliers for new developments and products as regularly new products are being introduced. We can offer Cotton Ring Spun Yarn, Autocoro, MJS yarns, Polyester, Blended, DTY and POY yarns from the best quality suppliers.


Selling all sorts of Griege and Finished woven Fabrics in the local and international market. These fabrics are produced under the strict supervision of our quality assurance team to ensure the delivery of quality products to our valued customers.

Grey Fabrics Printed Fabrics Dyed Fabric Finished Fabrics
Finished Garments


We can offer woven and Knitted garments from the top quality garments producers of Pakistan.

Fabric samples are produced to get the pre quality evaluation from the buyers. Finished garments are also submitted to buyers before going for bulk production to avoid any sort of issues at the later stage.