Pakistan Cotton Arrival Reports are based on the data collected by Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association PCGA
Usually bale weight is between the range of 150 to 160 Kgs.


Analysis of PCGA (Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association) Arrival Report as of 15.07.2023:

Arrival: 858,007
This represents the total quantity of cotton bales that arrived as of 15.07.2023.

Exp: 1,000
This likely refers to the quantity of cotton bales exported as of 15.07.2023.

Tex: 691,731
This indicates the quantity of cotton bales that have been sold to Textile Mills as of 15.07.2023.

T. Stock: 165,276 (Press: 27,529 + Phutti: 137,747)
“T. Stock” represents the total stock of cotton bales as of 15.07.2023. It is divided into two categories:

“Press” refers to the cotton bales available in pressed form, and there are 27,529 bales.
“Phutti” refers to raw, unginned cotton, and there are 137,747 bales.
L. Year Stock:
The report indicates that data for last year’s stock as of 15-07-2022 was not collected, so there is no information about the stock for that specific date.

This Year Fortnightly Flow: 858,007
This represents the total quantity of cotton bales that arrived during the current year up until 15.07.2023.

Factories in Operation: 298
This indicates the number of textile factories that were in operation as of 15.07.2023.

Please note that the report mainly focuses on the cotton industry in Pakistan, with key details related to cotton arrival, export, processing, stock, and the number of textile factories. The absence of data for last year’s stock and arrival suggests that the report might not be able to provide a year-to-year comparison for these specific data points.


The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) provides regular updates on Cotton Arrival Reports. In order to enhance the convenience of our visitors, we have made the decision to upload these reports on a regular basis. Additionally, we have included a comparison between the current arrival figures and those from the same period last year. This comparison aims to provide our viewers with a clearer understanding of the data. By analyzing these reports, you can gain insights into the arrival trends and price direction of Raw Cotton in Pakistan.

To further expand on this topic, it is worth mentioning that Pakistan is one of the leading cotton-producing countries in the world. With its favorable climate and fertile lands, the country has a rich agricultural sector, with cotton being one of its key cash crops. The PCGA plays a crucial role in representing the interests of cotton ginners across the country and providing valuable data on cotton arrivals.

Pakistan Cotton Arrival Report

Cotton Arrival Reports serve as essential tools for various stakeholders in the cotton industry, including farmers, traders, manufacturers, and policymakers. These reports help in assessing the overall supply and demand dynamics of the cotton market, as well as tracking the progress of the cotton harvesting season. By keeping track of the arrival figures and comparing them to previous years, industry professionals can make informed decisions regarding pricing, production planning, and market strategies.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the arrival of raw cotton in Pakistan is influenced by several factors. These factors include weather conditions, government policies, international market trends, and domestic consumption patterns. By studying the arrival reports and analyzing the associated factors, one can gain valuable insights into the dynamics of the cotton industry in Pakistan.

In conclusion, the PCGA’s initiative to regularly upload Cotton Arrival Reports, along with the inclusion of a comparative analysis, provides a comprehensive understanding of the arrival and price trends in Pakistan’s raw cotton market. This information proves beneficial for various stakeholders involved in the cotton industry, aiding in decision-making and strategic planning.

PCGA Arrival Report 03-March-2023


Certainly! Here’s an FAQ section emphasizing the cotton business with Pakistan and the inclusion of cotton arrival reports issued by PCGA (Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association):

Q: Why should we consider sourcing cotton from Pakistan?

A: Pakistan is renowned for its high-quality cotton, known for its fine staple length, strength, and versatility. It’s a leading producer of cotton globally, offering a diverse range of cotton varieties to suit various textile needs.

Q: What makes Pakistan’s cotton industry stand out?

A: Pakistan’s cotton industry boasts a rich heritage and expertise in cultivating and processing cotton. The country’s favorable climate and skilled workforce contribute to producing premium-quality cotton sought after by textile manufacturers worldwide.

Q: How does this page incorporate cotton arrival reports from PCGA?

A: Our commitment to transparency and reliability in sourcing cotton is highlighted through the inclusion of cotton arrival reports issued by PCGA. These reports serve as valuable insights into the current status of cotton arrivals, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for our clients.

Q: What are the benefits of utilizing PCGA’s cotton arrival reports?

A: PCGA’s reports offer comprehensive data on cotton arrivals, including quantities, quality assessments, and trends in the market. Access to such reliable information aids in making informed decisions regarding sourcing and purchasing cotton.

Q: How does the availability of PCGA’s reports benefit clients interested in purchasing cotton?

A: Clients gain access to real-time data and market trends through PCGA’s reports, enabling them to make strategic decisions based on current and accurate information. This empowers them to procure the finest quality cotton for their specific needs.

Q: Can clients rely on the accuracy of PCGA’s cotton arrival reports?

A: Yes, PCGA is a reputable authority in the cotton industry, known for its accurate and reliable reports. Their assessments undergo rigorous evaluation processes, ensuring credibility and trustworthiness.

Q: How does incorporating PCGA’s reports align with our commitment to quality?

A: By including PCGA’s reports, we demonstrate our dedication to providing our clients with the highest quality cotton. These reports serve as a testament to our commitment to transparency and ensuring the sourcing of premium-grade materials.

Q: How can clients access the cotton arrival reports featured on this page?

A: Clients can easily access the cotton arrival reports issued by PCGA through a dedicated section on our website. These reports are updated regularly to provide the most current information to our clients.

Q: Does your company offer additional support or guidance based on PCGA’s reports?

A: Absolutely! Our experienced team utilizes the insights from PCGA’s reports to offer tailored guidance and support to clients, assisting them in making informed decisions regarding their cotton sourcing needs.

Q: How can clients leverage the information from PCGA’s reports in their cotton procurement process?

A: Clients can use the information from PCGA’s reports to analyze market trends, assess the availability of specific cotton varieties, and make strategic decisions aligned with their quality and quantity requirements.

Feel free to adapt these responses to highlight the specifics of your company’s dedication to using PCGA’s reports and its significance in the cotton business with Pakistan!

PCGA (Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association)
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