How to convert SYS CN strength to CLSP or RKM 

How to convert SYS CN strength to CLSP or RKM 

SYS stands for single yarn strength.  
CN/0.9807 = SYS 
and then 
SYS X 1.6934 X actual count / 1000 x 156.2 = CLSP 
If you want to convert this CLSP into RKM please divide it by 156.2 
CN is yarn strength in centinewton. 

Hope this short calculation for Converting CN to CLSP/RKM was helpful for you. 

Understanding CN Yarn Strength: Importance, Measurement, and Impact on Quality

CN yarn strength refers to the strength of yarn, usually measured in terms of CN (centinewtons). It indicates the force or tension that a yarn can withstand before breaking. This measurement helps determine the durability and quality of the yarn, especially in industries like textiles and manufacturing, where the strength of the yarn is crucial for the end product’s performance. Higher CN yarn strength signifies that the yarn has greater tensile strength and can endure more stress before breaking.

SYS CN Strength: Elevating Fabric Quality & Performance

SYS CN (Spun Yarn Strength in Centinewtons) is a crucial factor in yarn and fabric manufacturing due to several reasons:

  1. Durability: Higher SYS CN indicates stronger yarn, which translates to more durable fabrics. Fabrics made from yarn with better strength can withstand wear and tear, lasting longer in various applications.
  2. Performance: Fabrics with higher SYS CN tend to perform better in different conditions. They can withstand tension, stress, and stretching, making them suitable for various uses such as apparel, home textiles, and industrial applications.
  3. Weaving Efficiency: Yarn with good strength reduces the likelihood of breakage during the weaving process. This enhances production efficiency by minimizing interruptions and optimizing the manufacturing process.
  4. End-Product Quality: The strength of the yarn directly impacts the quality of the final product. Fabrics made from stronger yarns often exhibit better texture, appearance, and overall quality.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Higher SYS CN contributes to producing fabrics that meet or exceed quality expectations. This, in turn, leads to greater customer satisfaction and trust in the brand or manufacturer.

Understanding and optimizing SYS CN strength is essential for ensuring the production of high-quality, durable fabrics that meet the diverse demands of various industries and end-users.

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