Cotton Bale Weight in Different countries

The most important and noteworthy parameters of cotton bale are as follows
Cotton bale Dimension
Cotton Bale Density
Cotton Bale Weight

The following are the standard bale weights in different countries. Also please note that mostly people follow the USDA WASDE report for cotton quantity counting globally and these calculations are always based on 480 lbs basis. As bale weight in different origins vary therefore dimensions and density of bale also vary.

  • Cotton Bale weight USA 220 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Australia 227 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Brazil 220 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight India 170 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Pakistan 160 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight West Africa 180 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Uganda 180 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Tanzania 180 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Sudan 190 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Nigeria 185 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight South Africa 200 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Mexico 230 Kgs
  • Cotton Bale Weight Egypt 240~270 Kgs

Author: Afzaal Khadim Khan
Owner: Textiles Bar
Lahore Pakistan

What is staple length in cotton? Complete definition.

Staple length is the major characteristic of cotton fiber on which cotton is traded and its price is determined. Staple length is the length of fiber. This parameter of cotton is so important that every consumer has to first decide what yarn he wants to produce and what staple length of cotton will be required to produce this yarn. In different origins staple length of fiber is spoken with different length scales like inches, MM milli meters and in USA mostly 32nds.

Here are a few staple lengths and their importance and definition also described for better understanding.

Staple length below 27 mm is considered short staple cotton and mostly used for yarn counts below 20/1 ring yarns or low quality or cheaper yarns like open end depending on the requirements of demands.

Major portion of global cotton consists of the staple length between the range of 27 to 30 mm fiber length. This sort of cotton is used to produce medium to good quality yarns. Count range mostly from 20/1 to 40/1 carded or combed for weaving or knitting.

Above this is long staple cotton with staple length 30mm to 33 mm. This cotton is used for producing fine quality yarns from 40/1 to 80/1 combed and compact yarns which are used for light weight fine quality fabrics.

Cotton with 33mm above is called ELS or Extra-long staple cotton used for very fine yarns, high strength or tenacity yarns.

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Author: Afzaal Khadim Khan
Owner: Textiles Bar
Lahore Pakistan