What is Dope Dyed Polyester and Dope Dyed Viscose

Dope-dyed polyester and viscose are two different types of fibers used in the textile industry. Dope-dyed polyester:Dope-dyed polyester refers to polyester fibers that are dyed during the manufacturing process. The term “dope” refers to a viscous liquid solution of the polyester polymer. In the dope-dyeing process, the polyester polymer is mixed with the desired colorants … Read more

Cotton and Blended Yarn Supplier from India

Welcome to our esteemed company, a trusted supplier of a wide range of cotton and blended yarn from India to markets across Asia, Europe, and America. With a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we have established enduring relationships with renowned Indian yarn spinners, ensuring a reliable and consistent supply of superior yarn products. … Read more

Difference between Viscose, Modal and Lyocell Fiber 

Viscose, Modal and Lyocell fibers are made from tree or plant fibers after cellulosic process. Mainly soyabean, bamboo or even cotton plants are used to make this fiber. Some other plants are also used to produce Viscose, Modal and Lyocell. These fibers are also called Cellulose fibers.  Now question arises what is the difference between … Read more

Introduction of Different Fibers

List of some major fibers used in textile industry along with their description and properties.  1. What is Bamboo Fiber  Bamboo fiber is made from the inner pith of the bamboo stalk. Bamboo fiber will not break down like other fibers, so it’s perfect for making cloth that won’t wear out as quickly. It’s also … Read more

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