Nomex Fiber Properties

Nomex Fiber Properties

Nomex Fiber and Yarn Properties
Nomex Fiber and Yarn Properties

Complete description of Nomex Fiber, Nomex Yarn and Nomex Fabric and its end use. 

Nomex is One of the most versatile fibers in the world. Its long list of uses includes everything from personal protective equipment to fire-retardant insulation, to food packaging—and it even has medical benefits. 
The material used in fire protection suits worn by firefighters is the same material composing Nomex fiber. It’s incredibly tough, but also highly flame-resistant and resists decay when exposed to oxygen. It finds frequent application in creating high-end garments like racing suits and motorcycle racing gear, along with its use in upholstery and various textile products.
Manufacturers produce Nomex fiber, a synthetic fiber, from coal tar, a byproduct generated from coal-fired power plants. Nomex Fiber fabric blends Nomex fiber with flax or cotton threads, allowing it to serve a range of textile purposes, from protective clothing to sailcloth. 
Nomex fiber, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a type of fluorine-containing polymer. It is a single-layer resin that can be used for several different applications including cooking utensils, food wrap, and even in the construction industry. Medical technicians involved in invasive procedures can utilize Nomex yarn, crafted from Nomex fibers, for various applications. 

End Uses of Nomex Fabric 

Nomex Fabric is with excellent tear and abrasion resistance, Nomex offers advanced fire protection for industrial environments. 
High-performance environments like avionics, electronics, and power systems employ Nomex fabric due to its exceptional properties. Its excellent properties make it ideal for electricity generation and transmission. 
One of the most widely used fire-prevention materials is Nomex. Construction sites frequently utilize it to prevent oil fires, particularly in scenarios involving diesel engine exhaust fumes. Nomex is also used in aircraft and often as a fire retardant in garments such as flight suits and hoses. 

Following are the industries commonly using Nomex Fabric. 

  1. Textile coating, fiber and heat resistant. 
  1. Electric arc welding fabric (electrostatic arc erosion). 
  1. Used for electric arc welding on carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum alloys and other metals. 
  1. General purpose fabric suitable for general purpose applications. 
  1. Used for high temperature oil refineries and petroleum refinery plants. 
  1. Possibly used in hydrogen chloride production process. 
  1. Used in natural gas liquefaction equipment. 
  1. Used as a container filler prior to sealing with Nomex 

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