What is GRS Certificate, products usually have grs certification, how to obtain grs certificate

What is GRS Certificate?

What is GRS Certificate? What is GRS Certificate: GRS stands for Global Recycled Standard. It’s a certification that ensures products are made with recycled materials and verifies responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in their production. GRS certification tracks the content of recycled materials in a product, ensuring transparency and credibility in the recycled supply […]

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What is Inditex certificate and Purpose of Inditex Certificate

What is Inditex Certificate?

What is Inditex Certificate Inditex, a global fashion retailer owning brands like Zara, Pull&Bear, and Massimo Dutti, may provide certifications or programs in aspects like sustainability or supply chain management.Their certification offerings can change, so visiting their website or contacting HR/training is advisable for current details. Purpose of Inditex Certification Inditex, as a prominent player

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Creating Sustainable Textiles

Creating Sustainable Textiles

Creating Sustainable Textiles Sustainable textiles refer to fabrics and materials that are produced using environmentally friendly and socially responsible methods. The fashion and textile industry has a significant impact on the environment, with issues such as water pollution, waste generation, and excessive energy consumption. Sustainable textiles aim to address these challenges and promote a more

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