What is Yarn Count – Yarn Count Definition 

Yarn count is a numerical value of yarn to define the thickness, thinness, fineness or weight of the yarn. 

Yarn count means number of hanks in 01 pound of yarn. 

After the above definition question arises in the minds of learners that what is hank? 

Hank is a linear value. 01 hank is equal to 840 yards. So, if the length of one pound of yarn is equal to 840 yard then the numeric value of that yarn is one count. Higher the count number mean thinner or light weight the yarn will be. the lower the yarn count number thicker the yarn will be. 

Yarns are made with numbers of natural and man-made fibers. Mostly we find Cotton yarns, Polyester yarns, Viscose yarns, Acrylic yarns, Linen yarns, Bamboo yarns, Hemp yarns or blended yarns with mixture of any fibers mentions above. 

We have tried our best to explain the yarn count definition in simple and common words so that any beginner learner may understand it easily. If you need any more information please feel free to drop your questions in the comment box below and we will do our best to resolve your problem and would love to teach you what we can. 

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