Indian Yarn Prices Update 14-November-2022

Below given Indian yarn prices are based on CIF leading Asian Ports with L/C at Sight.

100% Cotton Carded Knitting
Ne 20/1@USD3.20/kg
Ne 30/1@USD3.30/kg
Ne 32/1@USD3.45/kg
Ne 40/1@USD3.70/kg

100% Cotton Combed Knitting
Ne 20/1@USD3.35/kg
Ne 24/1@USD3.42/kg
Ne 26/1@USD3.45/kg
Ne 30/1@USD3.50/kg
Ne 32/1@USD3.55/kg
Ne 34/1@USD3.66/kg
Ne 40/1@USD3.85/kg

100% Cotton Combed Compact Knitting
Ne 20/1@USD3.38/kg
Ne 24/1@USD3.45/kg
Ne 26/1@USD3.48/kg
Ne 30/1@USD3.53/kg
Ne 32/1@USD3.58/kg
Ne 34/1@USD3.70/kg
Ne 40/1@USD3.90/kg

100% Cotton yarn Knitting TFO
Ne 20/2@USD3.37/kg
Ne 32/2@USD3.70/kg

Commodities Index Closing 10-November-2022

Dec 86.38- 0.12
Mar 84.56- 0.17
May 83.97 +0.18
Jul 83.34 +0.39
Oct 78.33 +0.14
Dec 78.40 +0.25

Dec 76.09+ 0.55
Jan 73.63+ 0.45
Mar 71.36+ 0.15

Jan 1423-00 -29.00
Mar 1428-00 -31.00

Dec 404.10 -13.50
Jan 400.40 -11.90

Jan 883.20 -8.30
Mar 878.00 -10.50

Dec 86.62 + 0.79

Jan 93.76 + 1.11

Dec 1754.50 + 40.80

Dec 21.725 + 0.398

Jan 1056.60 + 59.30

Dollar INDEX
Dec 108.255 -2.205

Yarn Prices Pakistan 20-Oct-2022

10s carded @ +/- 3000+gst
12s carded @ +/- 3050 +gst
16s carded @ 3150/3200+gst
20s carded @ 3300/3350+gst
20s combed at 3600/3650+gst
24s carded @ 3400/3450+gst
24s combed @ 3700/3750+gst
26s combed @ 3800/3825+gst
30s carded @ 3500/3550+gst
30s combed @ 3900/3950+gst
36s combed @ 4050/4100+gst
40s combed @ 4150/4200+gst.

100% Imported cotton CF (Contamination Free) Yarn
20s cf carded @ 3500+gst
30s cf carded @ 3800+gst

👉 100% Organic Cotton could be offered on demand

Ecru PC/CVC ring spun yarns
20s pc CMB 65/35 at 2620/2650+gst
26s pc CMB 65/35 at 2760/2800+gst
30s pc CMB 65/35 at 2890/2950+gst

10s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2400/2450+gst
Combed at 2550/2580+gst

12s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2480/2590+gst
Combed at 2580/2620+gst

16s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2520/2580+gst
Combed at 2680/2700+gst

20s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2550/2600+gst
With CF cotton at 2600/2650+gst
Pak Combed at 2760/2780+gst.

24s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2650/2700+gst
With CF cotton at 2680/2700+gst
Pak Combed at 2930/2970+gst.

30s PC 52/48.
Carded at 2700/2750+gst
With CF cotton at 2720/2750+gst
Pak Combed at 3110/3150+gst

36s PC 52/48
Carded at 3250/3300+gst
With CF cotton at 3350/3400+gst
Pak Combed at 3310/3350+gst.

40s PC 52/48
Carded at 3350/3400
With CF cotton at 3450/3500+gst
Pak Combed at 3410/3450+gst.

10s CVC 75/25 @ 2600/2650+gst
12s CVC 75/25 @ 2700/2750+gst
16s CVC 75/25 @ 2750/2800+gst
20s CVC 75/25 @ 2900/2950+gst
30s CVC 75/25 @ 3200/3300+gst

10s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2600/2650+gst.
12s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2700/2750+gst
16s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2800/2850+gst
20s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2850/2900+gst
24s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 2950/3000+gst
30s pc 52/48 GRS polyester at 3050/3150+gst.

20s cvc 60/ 40
carded at 2700/2800+gst
Combed at 3000/3050+gst.

24s cvc 60/40
Carded at 2850/2900+gst
Combed at 3200+gst.

30s cvc 60/ 40 carded pak at 3000/3100+gst.
With CF cotton at 3050+3100+gst.
Combed at 3300+gst.

40s cvc 60/ 40
Combed at 3640/3670+gst.

20s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester”
Carded at 2900/3000+gst.
Combed at 3300/3350+gst.
24s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester”
Carded at 3100/3150+gst
Combed at 3450/3500+gst

30s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester”
Carded at 3300/3350+gst
Combed at 3600/3700+gst.
40s cvc 60/ 40 with “Recycled Polyester” at 3950/4050+gst

O.E/Auto Coro yarns
10s pc 52/48 O.E at 1900/1950+gst
10s cvc 60/40 O.E at 2050/2100+gst
10s pc 52/48 O.E GRS at 2050/2100+gst
10s cvc 60/40 O.E GRS at 2150/2200+gst

12s pc 52/48 O.E at 2100/2150+gst
12s cvc 60/40 O.E at 2250/2300+gst
12s pc 52/48 O.E GRS at 2150/2200+gst
12s cvc 60/40 O.E GRS at 2350/2400+gst

Grey Htr Melange Ring Spun Yarns
20s H12
CVC 90/10 at 3450+gst
CVC 60/40 at 2950+gst

30s H12
CVC 90/10 at 3850+gst
CVC 60/40 at 3100+gst

20s H0 Oatmeal Htr.
CVC 90/10 at 3450+gst.
CVC 60/40 at 2950+gst.

30s H0 Oatmeal Htr.
CVC 90/10 at 3850+gst
CVC 60/40 at 3100+gst

👉 New Addition:-. Ecru Chain/Siro/Marled PC 50:50 Ring Spun yarn
20s pc cdd 50:50 at 3350+gst
20s pc cmb 50:50 at 3850+gst

24s pc cdd 50:50 at 3450+gst
24s pc cmb 50:50 at 4000+gst

30s pc cdd 50:50 at 3550+gst
30s pc cmb 50:50 at 4200+gst

Polyester /Viscose Blend yarns
Ecru PV 80/20 yarn
20s PV at 2020/2050+gst
24s PV at 2100/2120+gst
30s PV at 2250/2280+gst
36s PV at 2430/2450+gst

Ecru PV 65/35 yarn
20s PV at 2150+gst
24s PV at 2250+gst
30s PV at 2400+gst
36s PV at 2520+gst
40s PV at 2620+gst

100% Viscose Yarn
20s viscose for knitting at 2800+gst
24s viscose for knitting at 2900+gst
30s viscose for knitting at 3000+gst
36s viscose for knitting at 3200+gst
40s viscose for knitting at 3300+gst.

(Tri-Blend and 100% Bamboo yarns).
16s Tri-blend (50 poly:25ctn:25viscose) at 3550+gst

/20s Tri-blend (50:25:25) at 3850+gst

30s Tri-blend (50:25:25) at 4100+gst

16s 100% Bamboo at 3250+gst
20s 100% Bamboo at 3400+gst
30s 100% Bamboo at 3550+gst

20s Cotton/Modal 50:50 at 4400+gst

30s Cotton/Modal 50:50 at 4750+gst

Saif Ullah
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Cotton future forecast for the rest of the season.

The cotton market has become so volatile during the past couple of years that it is hardly possible for anyone to project the future. To reach some conclusion we are going to submit some facts which can help you to at least have a general view of the cotton future market for the running crop year.

  1. This is clear that on a call-based basis points are not going to decrease for the rest of the season. Last years’ experience also shows that after September basis points moved higher and did not decrease at any stage.

2. Shipment positions for October’22 to February’23 are very tight if you want to go for a fresh booking.

3. It is expected that next WASDE report will now include decrease of production mainly in Pakistan as some major portion of crop wiped out by flood and possibly some corrections in China and Brazil too. So, this factor may push the prices higher.

4. Although some people hopeful for good crop in India but 1st of all its prices already at very high level and will follow the bullish sentiments prevailing around the globe.

5. The USA, being the largest exporter of cotton and always dictating market sentiments, has already shown a significant decrease in their production in WASDE report August. USA cotton early shipments almost sold out and we hardly have some options left before March’23 except for a few Recaps.

Recommendations for Buyers

Increase in raw material prices and hike in electricity prices have put the producers in great trouble and it has become difficult for them to manage or handle the current situation. We suggest that cotton buyers should go for unfix buying immediately and then keep watching the price movements and continue partial fixing according to their convenience. Risk taking strategy may cause big trouble whether it is by buying big quantities of fixed prices or by delaying the bookings and future can’t be trusted.

Sellers having physical possession of cotton also need to be very careful. They need to keep eying the growing carrying charges along with future projections.

To find the day by day price history of cotton kindly visite our website https://textilesbar.com/

Written By
Afzaal Khadim Khan
Textiles Bar